Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day at the Peconic River Herb Farm

A good portion of today was spent at the Peconic Herb Farm with my Mom, sister and friends. This was Nichole and her Mom's idea and it just may become a tradition. The grounds were beautiful. Next time I'm bringing the dogs and some lunch.
I just couldn't help but take a few snap shots of the plants and garden decor. This is giving me some good inspiration for a new garden.

I managed to make it out of there without spending a fortune, even though my mind kept telling me buy one of everything. I did however pick up some chocolate mint, chamomile, parsley, and lavender. I added it to my collection of herbs and almost all of it will go in the wine barrel herb garden. I also couldn't resist buying just one more wand flower to add to my collection.


Nichole said...

When are we going back????

Jane Marie said...

I would love to go to an herb garden. It looks wonderful. I also love your Enya music, very fitting.

Titania said...

Hi Janice,I came by to have a look if the daylilies are already blooming. Then I had a look at the herbgarden. Fiona and Noel were friendly and took me to have a look at your spring flowering plants. Everything looks beautiful and I will stop by an other day.