Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dogs in the garden...

Photo by Janice Knox


You would automatically think this is a blog about dogs tearing apart my garden when in fact it is not. My two garden dogs just enjoy the time they have outside with me while I dig, plant, water and look at my garden. When I listed them as garden helpers I meant it. Noel "the white one" always lets me know when there are bee's around and has made me aware of some not so wonderful yellow jacket nests. She goes after them and never seems to be affected by their sting. Don't worry she is smart enough to back down to a nest of them. She always lets me know where the sunny spots are. She will lay down in the sunniest spot in our yard.

Fiona aka princess dog "the brindle one" loves to walk through the daylily beds and smell the flowers. Believe it or not, she is so gentle when she does this and I haven't lost a bud or scape yet.


What's blooming now...

Busy Week for a Vacation...

Photo by Janice Knox

Photo by Janice Knox

I took these two photos last Saturday at my monthly daylily meeting at the planting fields in Oyster Bay. My Mom, Bob, Nichole and I all sat under this gorgeous weeping cherry tree and had lunch after we helped weed the LIDS Daylily display garden.

The daylily meeting was wonderful as usual. We saw a power point presentation of the 2007 AHS Convention. It was presented by Chris Petersen and she did a great job. The photos were outstanding. No door prize for me this time but the last meeting I was lucky enough to win Rasmussen's 'Jeane Fitton'.

Photo by Janice Knox

This is the progress of some of my daylily seedlings. They are getting much bigger! It's been so warm this week so they are outside getting some rays during the day and back inside at night. This cross is Night Beacon with Lavender Stardust.

Right now I only have 5 seedlings from this cross.

Photo by Janice Knox

Photo by Janice Knox

Photo by Janice Knox

Photo by Janice Knox

Here are some shots I took of new blooms in my garden today.

I've been on vacation this week and have kept pretty busy at home.

However, yesterday Nichole and I went to NYC to see a taping of Paula's Party!

It was so much fun. Paula Deen is just as nice and down to earth in person as she is on TV. During her breaks she had her producer and another man fixing her spanks, right there in front of us. If you don't know who Paula Deen is, the best way I can explain her is the "Butter and Frying Queen". The name of the show we saw was called "Grease is the word". That says it all.

Today I plan on digging and prepairing a vegetable garden in my back yard. I will put pictures up of my progress very soon. I think this is also where my new daylily seedlings will go.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Daylily division time

Photo by Janice Knox
Hibiscus 'Montego Wind'

Photo by Janice Knox

As soon as I came home from work I was outside
digging and dividing. It was so nice out yesterday.
Although, as soon as the sun went down it was freezing.
I still have quite a few clumps of daylilies to divide.

Photo by Janice Knox
I also planted a few pansies in the front of this daylily bed.
I filled in the spaces with some bulbs last fall.
Everything is starting to bloom!
If you look real close you can see the daylilies coming up.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Photo by Janice Knox

Helleborus 'Green Corsican'
This plant is pretty new to me. It was a present from my husband.
He bought it because the woman at the garden center told him it will
bloom on or around my birthday every year. That works for me.
It likes part shade and I was told that it likes little to no
direct light so I hope it is happy in it's new home under my
Andromeda and Japanese Dogwood.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A few new blooms.

Photo by Janice Knox
Pink Pulmonaria "Lung Wort"
I love this plant! It has been in my shade garden
for three years now and always gives me a
great early spring show. Then the rest of the summer it just
shows off it's spotted leaves. I loved it so much I bought it
in another color last summer.

Photo by Janice Knox
Mini Daffodil "tete a tete"

Photo by Janice Knox
Tulip "Varinas"

Photo by Janice Knox
Daffodil - I saved this from my next door neighbor's
garden before they ripped everything out.
This one looks a lot like "Flower Record" to me.

Photo by Janice Knox
Tulip Beauty Queen

Photo by Janice Knox
Newly aquired spring bulb from a friend.