Sunday, April 6, 2008

A few new blooms.

Photo by Janice Knox
Pink Pulmonaria "Lung Wort"
I love this plant! It has been in my shade garden
for three years now and always gives me a
great early spring show. Then the rest of the summer it just
shows off it's spotted leaves. I loved it so much I bought it
in another color last summer.

Photo by Janice Knox
Mini Daffodil "tete a tete"

Photo by Janice Knox
Tulip "Varinas"

Photo by Janice Knox
Daffodil - I saved this from my next door neighbor's
garden before they ripped everything out.
This one looks a lot like "Flower Record" to me.

Photo by Janice Knox
Tulip Beauty Queen

Photo by Janice Knox
Newly aquired spring bulb from a friend.


Melanie said...

Hi Janice, first of all, I love your comment about the inside of your house. Welcome to the messy housekeepers club!

Second of all, I almost cried when I saw that you already have Pulmonaria in bloom. Wahhhhhhh

Nichole said...

So pretty!!