Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rainy Day Garden Stroll

My Garden stroll started early this morning when there was a break from the rain. I let my dogs outside and turned to look at my garden but instead was attracted to the glittering spider web below . The web was covered in little water droplets. I just had to run inside for my camera to capture this moment.

The spider web sparked my interest this morning to walk through my gardens futher and see what other beautiful things the rain created.
Above are two late blooming Hemerocallis (Daylilies). The first is Autumn Blaze and the second is Autumn Prince. Both are putting on a great September show now that the rest of my daylilies have died down.
Here is a great looking plant called Guara. This plant is so pretty because it resembles a fountain even after a heavy rain. It has been blooming all summer and never took a break. It looked so beautiful this morning.

Here are some beautiful coneflowers putting on a late show this rainy fall morning.

This lavender is a newer plant so it has only a few blooms but what beautiful blooms they are.

This rudbeckia is still holding on with a few blooms.

This is a late blooming plant with the common name turtle head. This part shade loving plant adds some much needed color to my hosta garden in the fall.

Mums, an all time great plant to add a splash of color to those colorless daylily beds in the fall. This hardy mum was planted last year and came back much larger this year.

I can't take credit for this sedum. My grandfather planted it in this pot many years ago. It adds some beauty and style to the end of my driveway this time of year.