Thursday, May 15, 2008

Plant Mail

I attended a daylily auction this past tuesday and left with only one daylily out of many I attempted to bid on. I am happy with my win, Lavender Blue Baby! I was going to win that one no matter what. Luckily towards the end there were just two of us bidding and another pot appeared. I have also just purchased Baby Blue Eyes and Primal Scream. So I'll be getting some more plants in the mail very soon. I am also still waiting on my herbs ordered from an organic herb farm in Cali. I just loving getting plant mail!

I think this will be my extent of ordering flowers and plants for the spring and summer. Although you never know what I'll pick up in the numerous nursery visits this season. The next big garden purchase will be the yearly mulch order that Nichole and I split. Thank goodness for her large driveway with no trees or I would never be able to get so much mulch at one time. Way to many trees in my driveway.

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Jane Marie said...

That must have been fun. I plan on buying Primal Scream this year. I have been eyeing it for a while.