Friday, July 11, 2008

Most awesome bloom of the day.

H. "Awesome Artist" (Lambertson '02)

This has to be my favorite daylily bloom of the season. This daylily is stunning, especially today.

Here is a photo of Fiona taking the time to smell the roses. Well, their not roses but she sure likes them anyway. Shh don't tell her they aren't blooming.

If she could only get her little nose on these flowers I'm sure she would like them much better...

H. "Paper Butterfly"

H. "Cat Dancer"

H. "Jan's Twister"

H. "Spacecoast Dixie Chick"

This is one of my sisters seedlings. It is not registered but what a beautiful daylily. I took this picture in my mom's garden. This daylily gets very tall scapes with large blooms in a deep burgundy color and it has a bright yellow throat. She made this cross when she was only eight years old.

Here is a R. Kann Seedling with the garden name "Bob's Melanie Frost" ( Becky Lynn X Joan Senior). This is the second year it bloomed in my garden and it has such a beautiful melon color bloom with slight ruffle and a stunning green throat.

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