Monday, July 14, 2008

Day one of the 2008 LIDS Garden tours

On Saturday July 12. Nichole and I went out East for the first half of the LIDS daylily garden tours. We got an early start, about 7am and made a stop on the way at a nursery called Eastland. I ended up with Spider Miracle. A very cool yellow daylily.
Meeting up with my Mom, Bob and some friends, we then all started our very first LIDS Daylily tour.
Our first stop - The Bucklin Garden
Gary's Big Blue

Paris OverturesTrahlyta
A stop at a nearby pond.
Second on the tour - The Schwarz Garden
Very cool art.

Long Tall Sally

Very pretty Schwarz Seedling

Another beautiful Schwarz Seedling

Last Stop - The Neumann Garden
What a beautiful view, if this was my back yard I would never leave home.

This one had quite a few of us drooling.

Rosy Outlook

Mynelle's Starfish

Jeanne Fitton (Rasmussen)

King George ( Rasmussen)

Group Shot

One last picture.

A final bloom of Pat Neumann

The kind of duck that won't scare Nichole, but almost caused me to drive off the road. She was very excited to see the giant duck in person.

The day was exhausting but well worth it.

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