Saturday, June 7, 2008

Some new blooms and some questions answered

Pink Snap Dragons

Hardy Geranium


Catmint 'walkers low'

Thumbergia - Black eyed susan vine

I received quite a few emails from the daylily email robin and all the responses were mixed about my last post. However, I received an email from a fellow LI daylily grower who seemed to think the daylily in my last post is BABY BLUE EYES. I also received quite a few photo's to prove it from other LI and New York daylily growers. As it turns out this is the first year it has bloomed in my garden and it may take one more bloom seasons to reach it full potential.

In saying that, I checked on this daylily again when it was shaded at the end of the day. The colors looked more true to the BBE that I knew and loved. Here is a picture taken at about 5:30 pm.

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