Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Okra blooms

Having a husband who's roots are in the south, I have gotten to experience some foods that we just don't eat here in New York. Okra being one of them. I had my first taste of Okra when I visited Texas several years ago. It was sliced, breaded, deep fried and delicious.

I have tried to grow Okra before with success but not as far as seeing it bloom or reaping the benefits of the delicious okra. Just keeping the plant alive through the summer.

This year, I started the plants inside and had two surviving seedlings. One of the two had a bud and it's starting to bloom today. I had no idea how beautiful an Okra bloom was. I actually thought the bud was the start of an Okra. Turns out it wasn't.

So I googled 'Clemson Spinless Okra' and discovered that it is part of the Mallow family and is closely related to the Hibiscus plant. No wonder this bloom is starting to look so pretty. It is even recommended as a back border plant for this reason. Back Border because it can reach about 6 feet tall.

Here a picture of the Okra bloom beginning to open.

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titania said...

Janice this okra bloom looks nearly like an orchid. I have never grown okra,never cooked it. It is available at the green grocer. Your dark pink wild rose is exquisite. The summer flowers are very beautiful.