Monday, July 6, 2009

Some new seeds...

Or Seedlings...
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Here is a good comparison of Tall and Mini. JK3 is on the left and JK7 is on the right. They have different parents.
JK7 looking better than it's first bloom. The color got darker which I was hoping for but it just doesn't want to open all the way.

JK15 recurves a lot and seems to have a triangle shape. Overall I think this one is my favorite. It bloomed just a few days later than one of its parents, FAIRYTALE PINK.

JK3 has such small fans and scapes but the flower is not as tiny. It kind of got a inbetween color of it's parents LITTLE BEE and JANICE BROWN.

I've been having a blast watching and waiting for my other seedlings to open. You know the saying, "A watched pot never boils". So I stopped watching until last night. To my surprise three of my seedlings were about to burst. One I had already seen but the other two are a first.
I woke up a 5:30 AM and couldn't fall back to sleep because I knew I had seedlings blooming. So the girls (chickens) got out a little early and I took the dogs outside with me to take a look.
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vladtheimpaler said...

Such pretty puppies...are they twins?...I love your Knox Garden, and I love you, Princess

Teresa~Gardening with soule said...

Beautiful Daylilies!

Chandramouli S said...

Beautiful blooms!