Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Chicks!

So we decided to get some chicks. We don't do things small around here. So, we went ahead and ended up raising sixteen, yes sixteen, baby chicks. So far its a blast and they may have replaced the TV. The first night, there were 4 adults sitting in chairs and 3 dogs watching these adorable babies for hours. Now before you think I am too nuts. Half will be moving to my sisters house when they are full grown.

Just a few days after we got them, a few got brave and tried to perch. Look below.

A great perk to chickens, besides them being so cute. They are all egg layers and their manure will be a great organic fertilizer for my garden. I may not need to travel to horse farms to shovel manure into my husbands truck anymore. Yay!


nichole said...

Congratulations!! What breeds did you get?

Janice said...

Thanks, we have cochins and a mix of egg layers. The egg layers I think we ended up with are buff and white orpingtons, easter eggers, jersey giants and australorps.

nichole said...

I hope your easter eggers lay blue and pink eggs, mine only lays green but they are still pretty cool! My australorp is the friendliest of the bunch.

Janice said...

I heard that they only lay one color, so if she lays green it will always be green and the same with blue or pink. That is why I have two and my sister has two. We'll see if that theory is right. Our friendliest and bravest so far are the australorps and the cochins.