Friday, April 10, 2009

Greenhouse fun

Now this was my kind of fun.
About three weeks ago me and my husband loaded up the back of his truck with horse manure and added it to my compost. We also turned the compost which was way overdue and fertilized my flower beds. My husband has been a real trooper and seems to somewhat enjoy some of my gardening adventures. I guess he figures if you can't beat them, join them.
Then last weekend we focused on spring cleanup and the removal of many large branches from our backyard. Followed by a day of nursery visits and fertilizing the the front and back lawn. We also threw down some lime pellets in hopes that our lawn will perk up and quit being brown.
This holiday weekend was my favorite! Time to put up a portable greenhouse. I have added some pictures of this. Although I wish I could have gotten some snapshots of my husband and the three guys from the nursery tackling it. It was the last one at the nursery and was set up. Thank goodness it was much easier to asemble once it was home.
Today we did a few home depot trips and came up with a cheap way to make shelving in the greenhouse. Cinder blocks and 2x8's seemed to do the trick.
Big plans... I plan to start quite a few veggies in here. This should give me a little bit of a head start on my garden. My daylily seedlings will make their way out here as well. This will get them out of my dining room.
For now I have some potted up primrose, irises and some mint that may enjoy the warmer and more humid air. Also a temperature station to see how warm this thing stays overnight. I've been watching it like a hawk and the greenhouse temperature high was 69 degrees today.

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