Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh what changes a week brings...

Outside all the daylilies that were showing signs of growth are now mush. They sat under a foot of snow that was dumped here last weekend. But the 60 degree weather this weekend has melted all the snow and although the daylily growth is mush look what I found.

I have been busy indoors with starting some daylily seeds. Below, is a "mini" cross I made over the summer. I harvested the seeds in Aug. and Sept. and put them in the fridge for several weeks. I use small bead containers for storing the seeds in the fridge.
I took the seeds out on February 16th, soaked them in water for an hour and then planted them in the presoaked seed starting soil.

Look how much they have grown since my last post!

Last year when I started daylilies, I used seed starting trays. This year I used small plastic storage containers with lids and miracle grow seed starting soil. I bought all the supplies at Home Depot and spend less than 10$. So far 12 out of 15 seeds have started to grow in the mini cross. A much higher success rate from last years crosses. The seedlings have a heat source below, natural light from the window and artificial light above and on the sides of the containers. The only thing I will change is that I used card stock to divide the storage container into sections. This was not a good idea. Card stock grows mold easily and gets really mushy. I will need to find better dividers for next year.
Below is a picture of my growing setup. The other two bins have dill, chives, tomatoes and peppers. I just started those today.

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nichole said...

You've been busy! Which mini's did you cross?