Monday, February 9, 2009

Winter blues

A sleepy Oakley trying to keep warm.

We've had a rough winter and the whole family has been spending a lot of time indoors under blankets to keep warm.

I snuck out a few times to get some pictures but unfortunately the best thing around was ice. So here goes...

My Japanese Maple tree coated in ice.

Icy Dogwood branches glistening in the sunset.

So since it's February, it's time to start thinking about what seeds I'm planting in the spring and which daylily seeds I will start this week. I will be shopping for some plastic containers, soil and will need to make some room under my plant light for starting the seeds. Can you tell I am looking forward to spring? I even ventured outside this weekend to clean up my front porch and to look for new growth expecting nothing. Only I did find something! One of my bulbs (a Daffodil) trying to come up. The warmer weather this weekend has melted the snow and has gotten the gardener in me all excited.

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nadiahandmade said...

BEAUTIFUL photo's - just passing through looking for inspiration :)