Sunday, March 30, 2008

Early Birthday Presents

I couldn't resist buying this Rhododendron 'PJM'.
Since my birthday is only a week away, I declare this a birthday week present.
It's such a pretty
color and it's foilage is beautiful.
The tag says the leaves will turn mahogany color in the winter.

Photo by Janice Knox

Photo by Janice Knox

This is from Nichole. A beautiful Azalea.
It will stay indoors for a little while because it's blooming too early.


Nancy J. Bond said...

Both are real beauties! Happy Birthday, early.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Janice .. go for it girl ! Birthdays are meant to be when we feel like it anyways .. right? .. and plants are the best shared present ever ..
Love that garden dog !

Titania said...

Beautiful pictures. What a good idea to put the names on the plants. Love the daylilis they inspired me to get some new ones.

Melanie said...

Hi Janice, Happy almost birthday! I love the idea of a birthday week.

That's a beautiful azalea too!